In Greece we have two sorts of Black Olives:

1. The Oxidized Olives, often called Confit olives, start as green olives which are then colored black through oxidation, with the presence of Ferrus Gluconate a chemical preservative.
The oxidized olives are generally packed in tins and they are always sterilized/pasteurized for safety.
The oxidized olives are generally soft, and they lack the flavor and aroma the natural olives have.
Oxidized Olives are very popular olives.

2. Naturally cured Black Olives are the ripe olives that have turned dark naturally on the tree and that are afterwards cured in water and salt (lactic acid fermentation) for an extended period of time like 2-3 months which is called natural fermentation.
Sizes Black Oxidized Olives
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Black Oxidized Olives ( whole and pitted)
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